You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about A & B Automotive Inc.:

Had the transmission mount, and power steering pump replaced on my 2000 Lexus LS 400. The car feels like a new car. Great service and a reasonable price. I've been using A&B for many years, and have been very happy with their work.

Clinton & Brenda Pressley - Mint Hill, NC 28227

We have used there services about 5 times and have found them to be friendly and helpful.

Richard M.

We have used there services about 5 times and have found them to be friendly and helpful.

Richard M.

Mr. Earl and Team do a fantastic job and have reasonable prices.

Matt R.

Earl and his team are absolutely outstanding. Took my business maintaining my 99 high mileage Suburban to him about 2 years ago based on a word of mouth recommendation, and he has completely earned my trust. Ask him to replace the brakes, he'll actually push back and say they have a few thousand miles left on them. When is the last time a repair shop has said "no", you don't need that repair? Average price of repairs is generally far lower than I was getting at my previous mechanic. And he stands by his work. I've had him replace a part that required a day's labor to get to. When the part itself failed about a year later, he replaced it....for free. No questions asked. Last night I had my car towed to a AAA center about 6 miles from Earl's shop after the engine overheated. Called Earl, and he personally went and picked up the vehicle, topped off the coolant, hobbled it back to his shop and completed the repair. No extra charge for the pickup. I highly recommend this shop, particularly for those trying to get the most out of their older, higher mileage vehicles. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Honest, knowledgeable, good people who can be trusted to make the right decision for your car.

David M.

I've been taking our cars to A & B for several years, and the experiences have always been 100% positive... I'm here right now looking up their number, 'cuz it's time to run the cars over for the annual inspection.

Ed H.

I come here often, and have always had the best experience. Honest and straight forward answers are all I have been given. Some of the best service I have seen around the automotive industry. If I have a problem I just have to voice it and they are happy to work with me.

Jonah W.

Been going there for years. Excellent work, and they stand behind it. A few times something needed to be done again because of a faulty part, and they did it with no questions asked. Always friendly and accommodating.

Clinton P.

Very friendly folks, and the mechanics are great about *showing* you (when possible) an issue and then giving you options. I take my American cars there, but I also currently have a German car that they recommended I take to another specialty shop, and it was a great recommendation. It's nice when you run across people who are honest about their strengths, and treat you like a friend would.

Mike D.

cannot tell you how great it is to find a repair shop who charges fair and reasonable rates for outstanding work. My wife's BMW X5 has gotten to the age where it needs occasional maintenance and replacement of parts. The Dealership rates are the equivalent of a down payment on a new car. A & B has done a great job on her X5 and I would recommend them their work to anyone.

Dave B.

I would highly recommend these guys to anyone. Fair prices, fast service, and nice people.

Paul M.

I have been going here for a few years now with my past 2 Wranglers. Ask for Dave Klos, always does fantastic work!

Austin N.

Been using Earl for years. Rachel is always so kind and helpful, and Earl gets the job done in with great talent and honesty. A rarity in the industry today, A&B will get you back on the road in no time.

Sean M.

I first took my car to A&B on a confused recommendation by my brother-in-law. It was a very lucky mistake. They're honest, efficient, and depend on their reputation for business. I later mentioned this shop after using them 3 times to an auto parts store clerk and he said they're a great shop. I agree. Only place I get my and my wife's car serviced.

Daniel B.

It's nice to have a mechanic you can trust. I've known these people and been getting service work done here for several years and they are always honest, reliable and reasonably priced. I highly recommend Earl Abernathy and the whole team here. Forget the big franchise chains where people come and go... and are on commission to sell you items you don't need. People always say they wish they could find a local, small town, honest car repair shop. If that's what you're looking for, then go see Earl and folks at A & B Automotive. You'll be glad you did!

Stephen H.

Efficient service! Staff was friendly, cooperative and fair in price. Highly recommend if services needed in local area.

Sofia Y.

Great shop! Employees are honest and courteous and good at what they do....fixing cars. They fix everything I throw at them. They make recommendations for service when fixing vehicles but are happy to do it my way if I choose not to fix all recommended items at that time. I've had 35 years in the car business and it's great to have a dependable local shop after no longer having my own.

Cooper Y.

It's a pleasure taking my vehicles here for service and repair. Honest, reliable and reasonably priced.

John C.

My car isn't the most reliable thing out there, so I have been to A&B Automotive multiple times, and every time I get my car back I am 100% satisfied with the results! The owner is such an incredible person who is very honest, reliable, and efficient. Prices are exceptionally reasonable and I will continue bringing my car here!

Bayli P.